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Remote Pilot Training

Dear Drone Users and Owners, Engineers, Students, Freshers, Unemployed, Remote Pilot Enthusiasts and The People of India,


India, believe it or not, wants to be the Global Drone hub by 2030. The nation would have to eventually and inevitably pioneer in the industry. However, in order to become one, Proper Avionix strongly believes that there is unforeseen necessity to upgrade the skillset of each one of you, who are interested in drones.

Flying the Drones with an RC, does not make one a Drone Expert. Though one can become remote pilots by a certificate, it does not improve the skillset. The concepts of drones are an ocean and we need to learn, study the Aerodynamics of the Drone in many possibilities, many mathematical concepts, tuning and custom building them to unleash efficiency and performance.

Its like learning the car driving. we first learn how to drive, we improvise ourselves, we become expert at driving, then, we can drive any car regardless of the brand and models of the car well with in the safety standards, rules and regulations.


These Top notch programs are designed for you. The packages include

  • Drone Hands - On - Build training ( Top Best Drones kits would be selected and you own it - meaning, Take it Home ) 

  • Adding the Features

  • Making a Drone Line of Sight and Beyond Visual Line of Sight 

  • Selecting the Proper Electronics and Avionics available

  • Soldering Procedures

  • PCB DIY Procedures

  • Concepts of Drone Maneuverability

  • Crash Avoidance and Handling

  • Damage Control Techniques

  • Advanced Fail Safe systems

  • Complete DGCA Defined curriculum

  • Proper Avionix Certification

  • 3-6-12 Months of Internship - Stipend for the merit - 10 trainees.

  • Career Orientation Program

This is the most advanced package to take the first step in understanding top notch technicalities of Drone Aerodynamics.

Come. Explore the skies confidently and Properly with our skillset building programs.

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