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A Vision Beyond Time!!!

My work was not simply any old job to earn a living; they were temples of leadership. Every firm I have worked at has a stronger leadership, workforce, and broader culture. Together, we always have crossed the seas. Inside the shadow of industry, there were endless opportunities for growth, development, liberty, and knowledge. We were developed with the ability to foresee any unforeseen incidents and engage in combat in an ordered, civilized way that was extremely difficult for most humans. Either I work in IT full-time or I pursue my passion, that was the decision I have to make.

In 2015, I decided on drones since I was envisioning a 3 Dimensional Logistics Company. Because it is the future, I picked my vision above my work. What we leave behind for the coming generation will lessen their everyday hardship. The research is based on humankind's best attempts to fly, to take control in real time, to accept danger every second, to have a freedom zone, and to have that freedom zone be protected by the system.

In the year 2022, Mr. Karthik Kunchapu and I have formed a business together, and as a result of the Startup Telangana Program and the Startup India Initiatives, the Government of Telangana has acknowledged our efforts. The 3D Logistics Transit System is introduced in this section of our framework.

People have been familiar with drones for some time, and there are some ideal candidates for training in advanced drone flying ideas that would include people and a 3D Commercial Intracity On Demand Air Transportation System.

There are two aspects to this: unmanned and manned.

We have developed through time, accumulated critical theoretical knowledge, our contracts, and our research. Now, we instruct, educate, and train engineering graduates, improving their skill set to work on drones as a job rather than a hobby, and giving them first-hand experience in creating the next-generation of aircraft. We established a framework according to international standards of procedures, protocols, and reporting on every planned and unscheduled commute intracity and intercity travel, borders, and highways, well within the limitations and restrictions specified by DGCA, the body's regulations and exemptions.

A forced transition from "Urban Road Transportation to Urban Air Mobility" is required. Many of our fellow entrepreneurs and some very smart people are striving to find real-world solutions to the problems that EVTOL technology is now experiencing. Our team shares the traits of being open-minded professionals with similar occupations. This is the primary basis for resolving a few issues. Believe us! We are adept at resolving issues!

To impose a forced change, we established Proper Avionix Private Limited. One issue: We believe we can manage things in a more civilized manner, while the truth is totally the reverse. Numerous news stories on this issue have been published by local media, TV stations, social media, and humans despite it being there in front of their faces. Accepting this reality, the whole history of how this firm came to be may be seen here.

We make all of our daily activities and system reports transparent to the governing system. Together, we advance this nation toward urban air mobility and drone readiness, or 3Dimensional travel.

Looking Forward to.....

Time Line







Framework Design and Development

Proper Avionix Developed the Ideation Boards to create the framework. R&D had been conducted across the globe and ideas have been formulated.

Proper Avionix Successfully created and took off the first prototype across the skies. We were equipped to sanitize the colonies during the difficult times of Covid 19 with a payload of 2 Liter per 20 minute sprays.

We have succeeded in coding the flight controller to create maximum stability during 20-50 kmph wind speed. We have formulated the code for various instrumentation panel and avionics systems for efficient performance.




Roadmap designed to make a Minimum Viable Product, Approvals, Permissions, License acquisition and First Flight Testing, Version 1.0

Launch with 1-2 Units in Q423 for product sales and service sales (ASC Model), Pan India. Production Ramp-up, Cap-Ex. Q2  - Production Lines and Machines 24X7 Robotic Automation

Roadmap to raise the manufacturing capability from tens to hundreds to serve multi disciplinary verticals across many industries low or carbon free. The key to sustainable future.

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