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Our Services

Rotorcraft Manufacturing - Parts and Accessories

Proper Avionix at it's manufacturing facility, develops and manufactures all the parts and accessories, in house production, contracted and subcontracted to other vendors with in the country and across the globe. Every part is thoroughly tested as per International standards up to its optimum efficiency.

Networked Swarmed Services - Service Based

We Stimulate a Swarmed Networked Grid for various layouts of Drones in Class G specifications commissioning waypoint transits from Source A to Destination B in most feasible time.

Ready to Fly Series Product Manufacturing

Proper Avionix delivers the ready to fly vehicles right at your terrace with pre established landing platform printed with the landing identification markers 20feet X 20 feet landing area. Easy Calibration, confirm the route, approvals granted from GCC, Remote pilot assigned for Guidance Navigation and Control, Fly with ease.

Customized Manufacturing

Proper Avionix manufactures the Capsules and colors, stickering and premium features that can be customized on pre order parameter consultation by one of our experts to integrate the required features on demand.

We Integrate With Current Aviation Ecosystem

Proper Avionix Ground Control Operations Center, Proper Avionix Research and Reporting Center, are being integrated with Industry's Top best Aviation Monitoring Software like RadarBox, Foreflight, Airmap, Fleet Management Software to know the whereabouts of the ongoing scheduled short flights and med flights and Def Flights to ensure there is continuous monitoring and communication over telemetry systems.

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