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Our Mission

We are on a mission to make 3Dimensional Urban Air Mobility a reality all across the globe. We define disciplined framework to ensure humanity's needs of faster travel comes true.

Our Vision

ProperAvionix envisioned the future with Aviation Logistics being a key for future transportation. Our Vision is defined by many isolated incidents that we face in real life situations while we commute with great suffering. Ambulances not reaching on time to save lives beacuse of increased traffic density. Supplies for Nation's Defense personnel had always been a hectic task and involves a great amount of time in need. Exploration of unseen landscapes had never happenned. Daily commute from and to various source points takes one third of our productive times. Many verticals like, inspections, Marines, Disaster Relief operations, mapping and surveillance have no operational abilities to accomplish the defined tasks. 

The Scope is being defined to unimaginable number of applications where we could curtail the wastage of time. This is the time to accept, this is the time to adapt and change.



We at Proper Avionix possess 14+ Years of industry experience and 8 Years of extensive experience in Aviation. The potential of the company could harness the ideologies of Sciences including Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Mechanical, Computer Sciences, Design Sciences and other disciplines, Technology includes Artificial Intelligence, DeepLearning, Machine Learning, IOT and more evolving Technologies, Engineering, Manufacturing.

Many other Startups and companies are very much interested in our framework and contributed great feathers to the company's cap. We thank each and everyone who remain, trustworthy, loyal and friends for the future to come.

Experienced Leadership

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